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Fixes error thrown by test.php when Model has no Test cases. #898

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When running a test from Test.php on a Model with no test cases a "Call to undefined method PHPUnit_Framework_AssertionFailedError::getComparisonFailure() " error is thrown.

This seems to be because $failure being asked for getComparisonFailure(); before being checked it is an object.

    $failure = $message->getComparisonFailure();
    if (is_object($failure)) {
        $actualMsg = $message->getComparisonFailure()->getActualAsString();
        $expectedMsg = $message->getComparisonFailure()->getExpectedAsString();

I move the check and added an empty string to $failure as it was throwing another editor.

I am fairly new to PHP and GIT so if there is a more elegant way of doing this then please amend my commit.

Here is a test case (taken from a bug fix page).

1.create users table

    CREATE TABLE users (
     id int(20) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
      username varchar(191) CHARACTER SET ascii NOT NULL,
      `password` varchar(191) CHARACTER SET ascii COLLATE ascii_bin NOT NULL,
      email varchar(191) CHARACTER SET ascii COLLATE ascii_bin NOT NULL,
      created datetime NOT NULL,
      modified datetime NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY (id)

2.execute "./cake bake all user"
3.open "/Test/Case/Model/UserTest.php"

    App::uses('User', 'Model');

     * User Test Case
    class UserTest extends CakeTestCase {

     * Fixtures
     * @var array
        public $fixtures = array(

     * setUp method
     * @return void
        public function setUp() {
            $this->User = ClassRegistry::init('User');

     * tearDown method
     * @return void
        public function tearDown() {


4.access "/test.php?case=Model%2FUser"
5.error "Call to undefined method PHPUnit_Framework_AssertionFailedError::getComparisonFailure()"

Fixes trowing of "Call to undefined method PHPUnit_Framework_Assertio…
…nFailedError::getComparisonFailure()" when model has no tests.

@dereuromark dereuromark commented on the diff Oct 12, 2012

if (is_object($failure)) {
+ $failure = $message->getComparisonFailure();

dereuromark Oct 12, 2012


thats not a fix. that breaks it for good :) the if case will never return true now.


andrewsavill Oct 12, 2012

hmmm that is a fair point lol. Second try coming in a few mins.

OK I'm going to have to hide behind my "New to GIT" shield. This has been fixed with this pull request here


I was actually working off of the newest Tag instead of the newest 2.X Branch.


dereuromark commented Oct 12, 2012

yeah, I thought I had fixed it already :)

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