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@markstory markstory released this Feb 9, 2015 · 16543 commits to master since this release

The CakePHP core team is excited to announce the release of CakePHP 3.0.0-RC2. Our plan is that this will be the final 3.0.0 release candidate and in ~6 weeks time 3.0.0 stable will be released. Since 3.0.0-RC1, we've been hard at work incorporating community feedback, fixing many issues and improving the documentation.

Upgrading From an Earlier 3.0.0 release

When upgrading from an earlier 3.0.0 release there are a few important changes you'll need to make.

Plugin Installation

The use and role of the CakePHP Plugin installer has changed and requires the following updates to your app's composer.json file:

"require": {
    "cakephp/plugin-installer": "*",
    "cakephp/bake": "dev-master"
"scripts": {
    "post-autoload-dump": "Cake\\Composer\\Installer\\PluginInstaller::postAutoloadDump"

These additions will ensure that your plugins continue to install correctly. Plugins installed with composer will now be installed under /vendor. This change was done to make the separation between external and in-app plugins clearer. Having both in the same directory was confusing for a number of users.

String renamed to Text

In preparation for PHP7 and HHVM, the String class was renamed to Cake\Utility\Text. The old class name continues to work but will be removed in a future 3.x release.

Configuration File Changes

Configuration files loaded through Configure::load() previously required the extension. The extension being present made switching configuration file formats hard. For RC2, you must remove the extensions. So Configure::read('app.php') is now Configure::read('app').
PHP based configuration files should now return their data instead of setting the $config variable. The $config variable is now deprecated and will be removed in a future 3.x release.

ORM Callback Consistency

The various ORM callbacks had somewhat inconsistent types used for the $options parameter. All callbacks will now receive an ArrayObject for the $options parameter. Query::formatResults() no longer gets the query as an argument either. If you need access to the query from a result formatter, use a closure.

EventManager::detach() and EventManager::attach() are deprecated

These methods have been replaced with on() and off(). These new methods use an interface much like jQuery's methods. attach() and detach() are now deprecated and will be removed in a future 3.x release.
We'd like to welcome Jad Bitar (jadb), Walther Lalk (dakota) and Anthony Grassiot (antograssiot) to the core team. Each of them has helped make 3.0.0 what it is today.

For more details on all the changes in 3.0.0, you should consult the migration guide. In closing, we'd like to thank all of the people that have helped so far with the 3.0 release.
Download a packaged release.

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