3.6 Roadmap

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CakePHP 3.6 will be an API compatible release with the previous version of 3.x.

Deprecations converted into run-time errors ✅

In order to ease the migration into 4.x, all current deprecations that exist only as documentation warnings will be upgraded to run-time E_USER_DEPRECATED errors. By having run-time errors we make deprecations easier to locate and fix. Once an application is run-time error free, upgrading to 4.0.0 should be a one line change in an application's composer.json, and updating any implementations of core interfaces that have changed. See 11385

Route Builder DSL

Complete more of the backwards compatible changes described in #10643:

  • ✅ Add compact Controller::action syntax for controller & action routing defaults.
  • ✅ Entity based Routing 11300
  • ✅ Add new {var} placeholder syntax and deprecate :var. To be removed in 5.0
  • Add default route parameters.
  • Add scheme conditions to routes.
  • Improve how subdomain routes can be created 11689.

Http Middleware improvements

  • Add middleware version of SecurityComponent
  • Deprecate AuthComponent in favor of the new Authentication plugin. ✅

Build new Authorization Middleware plugin ✅

The new Authentication plugin does not handle authorization at all. We should build out a new plugin to handle authorization in a pluggable way that integrates well with cakephp/authentication and the PSR7 stack. The authorization plugin will replace the authorization aspects of AuthComponent.

Command classes ✅

Shells have a complex and sometimes confusing set of features, specifically around sub-commands. Both shell methods and tasks can be sub-commands, and when to use each one is not clear and confusing. We could simplify the console command creation experience by replacing shells with a simpler Command class that provides a set of event life-cycle hooks and easy to use ways to share option parsers, and re-use code. See 11137 and this thread for more information.

Plugin Application Classes ✅

To make plugin bootstrap more self-contained, and better match the paradigms set in App\Application we will introduce a plugin 'app' class. This class will define the configuration, routing, console commands for a plugin in a self-contained manner. This should make loading plugins easier and allow the addition of a dependency injection container more easily in the future. See 11564

Create a console sub-split

Like other packages in CakePHP, the Console libraries should be available as a separate package. See 10965.

Other improvements

  • Improve PaginatorComponent::sortWhitelist to provide a mapping so complex sort conditions can be whitelisted. (https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/issues/10028)
  • Make MissingTemplateExceptions easier to understand by listing the actual paths searched 11476
  • Improve timezone handling so that editing datetimes in a user timezone is easier. 10877
  • Add timezone support to datepickers making it easier to display and accept datetime information in a user's timezone, but automatically convert to the server/database timezone when marshalling. 11517.
  • Improve Validator API by giving more control on how empty fields are handled. 8925.
  • Refactor Database\QueryLogger. Allow the logger to be injected through the constructor. Default to using Log::write() for backwards compatibility.

The remainder of the 3.6 roadmap is unplanned at this point in time.

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