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Upgrade shell

The upgrade shell will do most of the work to upgrade your CakePHP application from 1.3 to 2.0.

To run all upgrade steps:

./Console/cake upgrade all

If you would like to see what the shell will do without modifying files perform a dry run first with --dry-run:

./Console/cake upgrade all --dry-run

To upgrade your plugin run the command:

./Console/cake upgrade all --plugin YourPluginName

You are able to run each upgrade step individually. To see all the steps available run the command:

./Console/cake upgrade --help

Or visit the API docs for more info.

Upgrade Your App

Here is a guide to help you upgrade your CakePHP 1.3 app to 2.x using the upgrade shell. Your 1.3 app structure will likely look like this:

    app/             <- Your App
    cake/            <- 1.3 Version of CakePHP

The first step is to download or git clone the new version of CakePHP into another folder outside of your mywebsite folder, we'll call it cakephp. We don't want the downloaded app folder to overwrite your app folder. Now is a good time to make a backup of your app folder, eg.: cp -R app app-backup.

Copy the cakephp/lib folder to your mywebsite/lib to setup the new CakePHP version in your app, eg.: cp -R ../cakephp/lib .. Symlinking is a good alternative to copy as well, eg.: ln -s /var/www/cakephp/lib.

Before we can run the upgrade shell we need the new console scripts as well. Copy the cakephp/app/Console folder into your mywebsite/app, eg.: cp -R ../cakephp/app/Console ./app.

Your folder structure should look like this now:

    app/              <- Your App
        Console/      <- Copied app/Console Folder
    app-backup/       <- Backup Copy of Your App
    cake/             <- 1.3 Version of CakePHP
    lib/              <- 2.x Version of CakePHP

Now we can run the upgrade shell by cd'ing into your app folder and running the command:

./Console/cake upgrade all

This will do most of the work to upgrade your app to 2.x. Check things over in your upgraded app folder. If everything looks good then congratulate yourself and delete your mywebsite/cake folder. Welcome to 2.x!