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CakeEmail and CLI
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@@ -398,6 +398,21 @@ configurations in the 4th parameter (as array or using ``EmailConfig``).
Check the list of :ref:`configurations <email-configurations>` to see all accepted configs.
+Sending emails from CLI
+.. versionchanged:: 2.2
+ The ``domain()`` method was added in 2.2
+When sending emails via CLI script (Shells, Tasks, ...) you should manually set the domain name for CakeEmail to use.
+It will serve as the host name for the message id (since there is no host name in CLI environment):
+ <?php
+ $email->domain('');
+ // results in message ids like ``<>`` (valid) instead of `<UUID@>`` (invalid)
+A valid message id can help to prevent emails ending up in spam folders.
.. meta::
:title lang=en: CakeEmail
:keywords lang=en: sending mail,email sender,envelope sender,php class,database configuration,sending emails,meth,shells,smtp,transports,attributes,array,config,flexibility,php email,new email,sending email,models

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