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@@ -320,7 +320,7 @@ last
In case of multiple rules per field by default if a particular rule
fails error message for that rule is returned and the following rules
for that field are not processed. If you want validation to continue
-in spite of a rule failing set key ``last`` to ``false`` for that rule.
+in spite of a rule failing set key ``last`` to ``false`` for that rule.
In the following example even if "rule1" fails "rule2" will be processed
and error messages for both failing rules will be returned if "rule2" also
@@ -353,7 +353,7 @@ providing the ``message`` key. Consider this example::
-If the ``alphNumeric`` rules fails the array key for this rule
+If the ``alphNumeric`` rules fails the array key for this rule
'Only alphabets and numbers allowed' will be returned as error message since
the ``message`` key is not set.
@@ -1261,6 +1261,41 @@ with usage examples.
Checks that a value is a valid uuid:
+Localized Validation
+The validation rules phone() and postal() will pass off any country prefix they do not know how to handle to another class
+with the appropriate name. For example if you lived in the Netherlands you would create a class like
+ <?php
+ class NlValidation {
+ public static function phone($check) {
+ ...
+ }
+ public static function postal($check) {
+ ...
+ }
+ }
+This file could be placed in ``APP/Validation/`` or ``App/PluginName/Validation/``, but must be imported via App::uses() before attempting to use it.
+In your model validation you could use your NlValidation class by doing the following:
+ <?php
+ public $validate = array(
+ 'phone_no' => array('rule' => array('phone', null, 'nl')),
+ 'postal_code' => array('rule' => array('postal', null, 'nl'))
+When your model data is validated, Validation will see that it cannot handle the ‘nl’ locale and will attempt to delegate
+out to NlValidation::postal() and the return of that method will be used as the pass/fail for the validation.
+This approach allows you to create classes that handle a subset or group of locales, something that a large switch would not have.
+The usage of the individual validation methods has not changed, the ability to pass off to another validator has been added.
+.. tip::
+ The Localized Plugin already contains a lot of rules ready to use:
+ Also feel free to contribute with your localized validation rules.
.. toctree::

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