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kmasaryk commented Mar 5, 2014

Fixes the toc and various link errors resulting from the epub build (#1126). I also added a cover to the epub so it more closely resembles a book. Some other very minor edits.

The most significant change here is adding a separate toc file for epub builds (epub-contents.rst) and then updating the Makefile so that sphinx points to this new file instead of using the one declared in the config/all.py file.

Running the resulting epub through a validator still results in about 170 warnings so it seems there's still quite a bit that needs attention.

@kmasaryk kmasaryk Fixed toc and link errors for epub build (Issue #1126). Add cover to …

* The epub build is derived from the html build in sphinx; however, some
sections, such as "Welcome" don't make sense to include in the epub.
Essentially, this means that the epub needs it's own toc file which
is what this commit adds (epub-contents.rst). Since there's no
epub_ type option to override the master_doc var, this has to be done
as an arg to sphinx-build.

* This commit also adds a cover to the epub so it looks more like a
real book. The cover isn't great but at least the framework will
be there for someone to add a real cover image.

kmasaryk commented on 3913959 Mar 4, 2014

Just realized the Makefile for each language is overwriting the LANG with 'en'. Will fix with next commit.

kmasaryk added some commits Mar 4, 2014

@kmasaryk kmasaryk Don't overwrite LANG in each language's Makefile.
Problem was introduced with last commit. Seems like it doesn't matter
since LANG is passed in with the build command which will override the
Makefile var anyways. Interesting that the en/Makefile is being copied
to all the other languages before build command is issued.
@kmasaryk kmasaryk Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 6b3379f

markstory merged commit 20f590b into cakephp:master Mar 5, 2014


markstory commented Mar 5, 2014

Awesome stuff, thank you 👍

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