Remove the need for <?php everywhere #429

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By changing the default pygments lexer and setting it to assume its already inside a <?php block we can have generally shorter examples. I've also added html formatted to the view related sections that needed it.

I haven't done all the languages, but if people think that's a good idea I can go through each language and update them accordingly.

markstory added some commits Nov 19, 2012
@markstory markstory Make PHP the default language. 52fe03d
@markstory markstory Start removing all the <?php from the english docs. 60ba09d
@markstory markstory Remove more <?php blocks. f75866c
@markstory markstory Kill more newlines. 6fe149d
@markstory markstory Make php and inlinephp different.
Not overwriting php makes it possible to use `php` as a type in code
blocks to highlight html + php together. Set the default to inlinephp so
code examples can be highlighted without the leading <?php
@markstory markstory Fix HTML examples. 9d46fea
@markstory markstory Fix HTML blocks 55608d1

Neat :D

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@lorenzo lorenzo merged commit 8340dc0 into master Nov 21, 2012
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Cool, I'll continue with the other languages when I get a chance.

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