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_static/img Fixing request cadency
appendices Fixed some formatting issues
bake Update docs for creating bake themes.
console-and-shells Fix code example for plugin load task.
contributing Corrects variable naming convention
controllers Removing outdated docs on Response class
core-libraries Merge pull request #2899 from caBBAlainB/patch-48
development Fix app paths configuration.
intro update folder markup
orm Merge pull request #2898 from cakephp/3.0-improve-validation-docs
tutorials-and-examples Merge pull request #2887 from cakephp/issue-2884
views Add namespace to custom helper.
Makefile Fixed toc and link errors for epub build (Issue #1126). Add cover to …
appendices.rst Update appendices.rst
bake.rst Fetch stable release instead of dev-master Moving global config information to a separate place.
console-and-shells.rst Document shell aliasing.
contents.rst Add elasticsearch to the TOC.
contributing.rst Fix formatting and obvious grammar errors.
controllers.rst Note that Controller::$helpers is on the way out.
debug-kit.rst typos + fr translation
deployment.rst Suggest using shell for symlinking asssets instead of doing it manually
elasticsearch.rst Add remaining skeleton to elasticsearch docs.
epub-contents.rst fix merge conflict in cake.css
index.rst Update version banner.
installation.rst Fix usage of its and it's
intro.rst PSR-2ify function example
migrations.rst Add a note on migrations about collations
orm.rst Unnecessary Comma
pdf-contents.rst fix merge conflict in cake.css
plugins.rst Update plugins.rst
quickstart.rst Make the bookmarks tutorial the recommended one.
security.rst Revert "Revert "3.0 better toc""
topics.rst Add Forms to TOC and topics.
tutorials-and-examples.rst first draft of tree tuto combined with migrations plugin
views.rst Update views.rst
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