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CakePHP Internationalization Library

The I18n library provides a I18n service locator that can be used for setting the current locale, building translation bundles and translating messages.

Additionally, it provides the Time and Number classes which can be used to output dates, currencies and any numbers in the right format for the specified locale.


Internally, the I18n class uses Aura.Intl. Getting familiar with it will help you understand how to build and manipulate translation bundles, should you wish to create them manually instead of using the conventions this library uses.

Setting the Current Locale

use Cake\I18n\I18n;


Setting path to folder containing po files.

use Cake\Core\Configure;

Configure::write('App.paths.locales', ['/path/with/trailing/slash/']);

Please refer to the CakePHP Manual for details about expected folder structure and file naming.

Translating a Message

echo __(
    'Hi {0,string}, your balance on the {1,date} is {2,number,currency}',
    ['Charles', '2014-01-13 11:12:00', 1354.37]

// Returns
Hi Charles, your balance on the Jan 13, 2014, 11:12 AM is $ 1,354.37

Creating Your Own Translators

use Cake\I18n\I18n;
use Cake\I18n\Package;

I18n::translator('animals', 'fr_FR', function () {
    $package = new Package(
        'default', // The formatting strategy (ICU)
        'default', // The fallback domain
        'Dog' => 'Chien',
        'Cat' => 'Chat',
        'Bird' => 'Oiseau'

    return $package;

__d('animals', 'Dog'); // Returns "Chien"

Formatting Time

$time = Time::now();
echo $time; // shows '4/20/14, 10:10 PM' for the en-US locale

Formatting Numbers

echo Number::format(100100100);
echo Number::currency(123456.7890, 'EUR');
// outputs €123,456.79


Please make sure you check the official I18n documentation.

The documentation for the Time class contains instructions on how to configure and output time strings for selected locales.

The documentation for the Number class shows how to use the Number class for displaying numbers in specific locales.


[READ-ONLY] Provides support for message translation and localization for dates and numbers. This repo is a split of the main code that can be found in




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