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CakePHP Upgrade tool

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Upgrade tools for CakePHP meant to facilitate migrating from CakePHP 3.8+ to 4.0.0. This repository should be used as a standalone application and not as a plugin.


First clone this repository or download a zipball:

git clone git://

Then to install dependencies with composer

php composer.phar install --no-dev


The upgrade tool is intended to be run before you update your application's dependencies to 4.0. The rector based tasks will not run correctly if your application already has its dependencies updated to 4.x.

The upgrade tool provides a standalone application that can be used to upgrade other applications or cakephp plugins. Each of the subcommands accepts a path that points to the application you want to upgrade.

cd /path/to/upgrade

# Run all upgrade tasks at once.
bin/cake upgrade /home/mark/Sites/my-app

# OR run upgrade tasks individually.
# Rename locale files
bin/cake upgrade file_rename locales /home/mark/Sites/my-app

# Rename template files
bin/cake upgrade file_rename templates /home/mark/Sites/my-app

# Run rector rules.
bin/cake upgrade rector /home/mark/Sites/my-app/src
bin/cake upgrade rector /home/mark/Sites/my-app/tests
bin/cake upgrade rector /home/mark/Sites/my-app/config


To ease installation & usage, this package does not use require-dev in composer.json as the installed PHPUnit and CakePHP packages cause conflicts with the rector tasks.

To install dev-dependencies use make install-dev. Then you will be able to run vendor/bin/phpunit. You can also use make test to install dependencies and run tests.


Upgrade tools for CakePHP meant to facilitate migrating from one version of the framework to another




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