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django-file-picker is a pluggable Django application used for uploading, browsing, and inserting various forms of media into HTML form fields.

Using jQuery Tools, file_picker integrates seamlessly into pre-existing pages by installing an overlay that lists file details and, when applicable, image thumbnails. New files can also be uploaded from within the overlay (via AJAX Upload).

file_picker provides a few optional extensions to help get started, including file_picker.uploads, an app with pre-built Image and File models, and file_picker.wymeditor, an app that integrates with WYMeditor, a web-based WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) XHTML editor. These extensions are provided for convenience and can easily be replaced by custom modules.

For complete documentation checkout,




  • django-staticfiles

  • WYMeditor 0.5

    If you are using django-staticfiles (or django.contrib.staticfiles in Django 1.3) then add file_picker to your INSTALLED_APPS to include the related css/js.

    Otherwise make sure to include the contents of the static folder in your projects media folder.

Basic Installation

  1. Add file_picker to INSTALLED_APPS in

        'file_picker.uploads', # file and image Django app
        'file_picker.wymeditor', # optional WYMeditor plugin

    file_picker.uploads will automatically create two pickers name 'images' and 'files'.

  2. Add the file_picker URLs to, e.g.:

    import file_picker
    urlpatterns = patterns('',
        # ...
        (r'^file-picker/', include(,
        # ...

Development sponsored by Caktus Consulting Group, LLC..

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