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vkurup commented Jul 11, 2014

Vagrant now supports docker as a provider (as of vagrant 1.6) and docker has hit version 1.1.

The goal would be to be able to do:

vagrant up
fab vagrant deploy

... and have an instance set up.

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vkurup commented Jul 11, 2014

Posting this as a WIP.


  • Linux 3.8

This should be on the Caktus Ubuntu laptops. Do uname -a to check. If not, do:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic-lts-raring linux-headers-generic-lts-raring
sudo reboot

Mac users obviously should not try to upgrade Linux :). But, Vagrant 1.6 and above will create a Virtualbox VM for Mac users, so this should all work on a Mac too.

  • Vagrant 1.6.3
sudo dpkg -i Downloads/vagrant_1.6.3_x86_64.deb
  • Docker 1.1.0

I think vagrant will install docker, but if not go to After installing, add your user to the docker group so that you can run commands without sudo:

sudo adduser vkurup docker

Problems I worked around:

  • Finding an image to use

Vagrant's docs recommend using the phusion.baseimage and I eventually went with this recommendation. More information is here:

  • Setting up SSH

Phusion includes a private and public SSH key, which are obviously not secure. I've included the private key in our repo and use that to set get vagrant ssh working.

  • Salt bootstrap doesn't work inside docker container

Github issue: saltstack/salt-bootstrap#394 Basically, the entire install works, but then the shell script calls a command named install_ubuntu_check_services which fails due to an incompatibility with docker. I've included the script in our repo, with that command commented out.

Once all this is done, you should be able to run vagrant up --provider=docker. This will download the baseimage and install salt on it. Then you need to get the IP address that the container is listening on, by doing docker inspect --format '{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}' vagrant. Place that IP address in the fabfile on line 44 and you can run fab vagrant deploy and see an almost successful deploy.

I ended up with errors due to UFW, Postfix and Postgresql, which I have not yet figured out.

vkurup commented Jun 16, 2015

Closing. I have a feeling that if we wanted to add docker/container support, it would probably be worth starting from a new PR.

@vkurup vkurup closed this Jun 16, 2015
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