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Child items of top-level menu items are appearing in the treenav changelist as if they were actually children of a different menu item, and all the trees are sort of mingled together. I assume this has something to do with the Django admin sorting by only one field at a time? Is there any way to fix it? If I can figure out how I'll try to attach a screenshot of the issue.

To reproduce:

  • Create multiple independent menu trees (e.g. main menu, footer menu, etc), each with at least 2 levels, and with orders assigned to each item
  • View changelist
  • To see what's wrong, look at the apparent tree based on the indent levels, and then at the contents of the Parent field for each item.
mlavin commented Jun 25, 2011

I believe this is related to a bug in MPTT which is fixed on master. You can find some more detail in this previous issue: #2 (comment)


Ah. Apologies for the duplicate, then.

@ringemup ringemup closed this Jun 25, 2011
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