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Web Framework Playgroud

This project includes experiments of writing services in various web frameworks.

To contribute an example you should create a subdirectory in the appropriate language for your app.

Service Description

Each example service should expose a single url for spell checking a word.:


The single parameter q is required. The service should check the word verse an English dictionary and return a JSON response indicating whether or not the word is a valid English word:

# Valid word request/response
/check?q=word ==> {"valid": true}

# Invalid word request/response
/check?q=154o98asdfan ==> {"valid": false}

If the q parameter is missing the service should return a 400 response.

Acceptance Tests

The included runs through a series of acceptance tests for the service. To run them you must have Python 2.7+ installed and python-requests.:

pip install requests==1.2.0

To run them you simply call:


This assumes that the server is running on http://localhost:8000. To change this host/port you can set the TEST_URL environment variable.:

export TEST_URL='http://localhost:8888' && python
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