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RTC Tic Tac Toe

This is an example of using Web RTC data channels to play a game. One interesting piece of this example is that it does not use a signalling server. Instead the links to form the connection should be passed by some other medium (email, IM, IRC).

The demo application can be seen at:

It currently requires the latest Firefox (24+) to run.

How To Play

One person creates a new game by visiting On the page they will be given a link to copy and share with the person they want to play.

The other player clicks on the link which will show them a page with another link to pass back to the original player. Once the original player clicks the link, the two browsers will establish the RTC connection and the game will start.

Note: the links which are exchanged are very long. The first link with contain a hash beginning with #offer- and the response link will have a hash beginning with #answer-. Beyond that there is very litte human readable content in the link.


This was largely based on the serverless RTC example by Chris Ball which was rewritten using Backbone.


This example is available for use and modification under the BSD license. It includes versions of jQuery (under MIT), Backbone (under MIT), Underscore (under MIT) and adapter.js from webrtc-experiments (under MIT). The original code was based on serverless-webrtc (under MIT).