An example Docker Compose for Microservice Development
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Docker Compose Wrapper

This project is an example for "Docker Compose for Developing Microservices" presentation.

See ./wrapper script for scalable docker-compose configuration management.

This is only intended for local development.


./wrapper up

Then open http://localhost:8080 on your browser.

How does it work?

Instead of having single docker-compose.yml file this project offers a compose config for each service method. There is a different file for each service in stack directory. This method intended for increasing visibility and maintainability while developing microservices with Docker Compose.

Generating service configurations

As all services in this project have generic form, they are genereted by stack-generator with a basic templating.

To stack/*.yml file for each service in services directory, run:


There is a small customization enabled for overring port forwarding. For that please inspect templating script source.


You can basically use any docker-compose command with ./wrapper script. Try ./wrapper config to see merged output that's being used by Docker Compose process.

You can run in detached mode:

./wrapper up -d

And monitor processes via:

./wrapper ps

And watch logs of a service:

./wrapper logs -f cart-service

Restart a specific service:

./wrapper restart checkout

And scale:

./wrapper up -d --scale payment=3


Feel free to copy anything you like.