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a rmarkdown to generate automatic survey data reporting


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a rmarkdown to generate automatic survey data reporting.

Starting with Docker

  1. Start with Steps 1-2 above
  2. Build Docker container: docker-compose.exe build
  3. Start Docker container docker-compose.exe up
  4. Open Jupyter Lab notebook by typing localhost:8888/lab/ in the browser. RStudio is avaliable at port 8787.


This folder repository contains tools and templates for creating Caltrans Styled PDF or HTML factsheets in R Markdown. Despite the RMarkdown filename, you can use this to create reports with Python, R, and Julia code.

We borrow heavily from the Urban Insitute guide and repo. For more information, read Iterated fact sheets with R Markdown and Iterated PDFs with R Markdown.

Getting started

LaTeX distribution

Creating PDFs with R Markdown requires a LaTeX distribution. In the past, this too often meant installing and maintaining the large and clunky MiKTeX. Fortunately, Yihui Xie created TinTeX, a custom LaTeX distribution based on TeX Live that is lightweight and can be managed in R.

Submit the following code in R to install TinyTex (full instructions here):

  install.packages(c("tinytex", "rmarkdown"))

Note: If you installed MiKTeX in the past, uninstall it before installing TinyTex.


preamble.tex contain settings and code to put R Markdown PDFs into the City of LA factsheet title.

  • To build the report in an Rstudio session, open report.Rmd and click "knit".
  • To build the report from the command line, run make report

If you a building an iterated report (ie, multiple sheets per LA City neighborhood), use the included iterate.R.


The template (for example, simple-factsheet.Rmd) is iterated with the iterate.R script.

iterate.R takes an index, creates a data frame with outfile names and parameters, and iterates the template across each row of the data frame.


a rmarkdown to generate automatic survey data reporting







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