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-Calabash-Android lets you run [Cucumber]( features on your Android device or emulator. A Cucumber feature could look something like this:
+Welcome to Calabash for Android
- Feature: Login feature
- Scenario: As a valid user I can log into my app
- Given I am a valid user
- And I enter my username
- And I enter my password
- And I press "Login"
- Then I see "Welcome to coolest app ever"
+Calabash is an automated testing technology for Android and iOS native and hybrid applications.
+This repository contains support for Android, for iOS, see [Calabash Landing Page](
-You can run your Calabash features on multiple devices using [](
+Calabash is a free open source project, developed and maintained by [Xamarin](
-If you have any questions on Calabash-Android, please use the Google group
+While Calabash is completely free, Xamarin provides a number of commercial services centered around Calabash and quality assurance for mobile, namely Xamarin Test Cloud consisting of hosted test-execution environments which let you execute Calabash tests on a large number of Android and iOS devices.
+Please see [](
+If you have any questions on Calabash-Android, please use the Google group [](
### Documentation
The documention is split into the following sections:
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