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Automated Functional testing for iOS based on cucumber
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The Calabash iOS Server

The companion of the calabash-ios gem:

Building the Framework

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd calabash-ios-server
$ make framework

Building the frank plugin

$ make frank

Building the dylibs

Building the dylibs requires that you inject xcspecs directly into your application bundle. For instructions, refer to the link below.

You will also need to update the code signing Build Settings of the calabash-dylib-device target with your credentials.

make dylibs

Dylibs support is based on this article:

Building to embed in Calabash gem

See the calabash-ios/calabash-cucumber/Rakefile for more details.

$ cd path/to/calabash-ios/calabash-cucumber
$ rake build_server

# If you need to build without the dylibs
$ CALABASH_NO_DYLIBS=1 rake build_server


# make rules
$ scripts/test/test-make-rules.rb

# cucumber tests + make rules
$ scripts/test/run
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