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The Calabash iOS Server

The companion of the calabash-ios gem:


Requires Xcode 6 or Xcode 7.

Xcode 6.4 is actively tested. Older versions of Xcode 6 are not.

Requires ruby >= 2.0. The latest ruby release is preferred.

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd calabash-ios-server
$ bundle

To build with an alternative Xcode:

$ DEVELOPER_DIR=/Xcode/7.1b5/ make < rule >

If you have build errors, see the xcpretty section below.

Maintainers must install the calabash/calabash-resign private repo. Details are below.

Building the Framework

make framework

Building the frank plugin

$ make frank

Building the dylibs

Requires Xcode 6 or greater.

make dylibs


If you are a maintainer, you must install the codesign tool if you are planning on making a Calabash iOS gem release.

Building to embed in Calabash gem

See the calabash-ios/calabash-cucumber/Rakefile for more details.

$ cd path/to/calabash-ios/calabash-cucumber
$ be rake build\_server


# Objective-C Unit tests.
$ make xct

# Building libraries.
$ make all

# Integration tests
$ make framework
$ make app-cal
$ cd cucumber
$ bundle update
$ bundle exec cucumber

If you are running the XCTests from Xcode, you might see failures in LPJSONUtilsTest. If you do, clean (Shift + Option + Command + K) and rerun.

If you want to test the LPTestTarget on device and are having problems in Xcode or the command line with messages like this:

iPhone Developer: ambiguous matches

then you must either:

  1. $ CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY="< cert name >" make ipa-cal (preferred)
  2. Update the Xcode project with a specific Code Signing entity. DO NOT CHECK THESE CHANGES INTO GIT.

Maintainers should be using the Calabash.keychain (calabash/calabash-codesign).


  • The Calabash iOS Toolchain uses git-flow.
  • Contributors should not bump the version.
  • See the guide.
  • There is a style guide:
  • Pull-requests with unit tests will be merged faster.
  • Pull-requests with Cucumber integration tests will be merged even faster.


See the document for instructions.


We use xcpretty to make builds faster and to reduce the amount of logging. Travis CI, for example, has a limit on the number of lines of logging that can be generated; xcodebuild breaks this limit.

The only problem with xcpretty is that it does not report build errors very well. If you encounter an issue with any of the make rules, run without xcpretty:

$ XCPRETTY=0 make ipa


Calabash iOS Server uses several third-party sources. You can find the licenses for these sources in the third-party-licenses directory.