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An embedded HTTP server for performing queries and gestures
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new route to lookup the current keyboard's l10n
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The Calabash iOS Server

The companion of the calabash-ios gem:

Building the Framework

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd calabash-ios-server
$ make framework

Building the frank plugin

$ make frank

Building the dylibs

Requires Xcode 6 or greater.

make dylibs


If you are a maintainer, you must install the codesign tool if you are planning on making a Calabash iOS gem release.

Building to embed in Calabash gem

See the calabash-ios/calabash-cucumber/Rakefile for more details.

$ cd path/to/calabash-ios/calabash-cucumber
$ rake build_server

# If you need to build without the dylibs
$ CALABASH_NO_DYLIBS=1 rake build_server


# make rules
$ scripts/test/test-make-rules.rb

# cucumber tests + make rules
$ scripts/test/run


Calabash iOS Server uses several third-party sources. You can find the licenses for these sources in the third-party-licenses directory.

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