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Xcode 4.5 Fails setup build #61

seeker12 opened this Issue · 2 comments

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With Apple Mach-O Linker Error:
ld: file not found: /Users/eric/Programming/Montrue/Testing/SparrowProtoCal/calabash.framework/calabash

Per "Manual Setup with Xcode" instructions (, I downloaded "" from and dragged into Xcode (4.5) Navigator Frameworks. I ensured it is linked to my new -cal target in Build Phases.

I noticed in the calabash.framework bundle > Headers folder, there is only CalabashServer.h, which would explain why the linker can't find "calabash.framework/calabash", which I assume is looking for it because of this Other linker flag; "-force_load "$(SRCROOT)/calabash.framework/calabash" -lstdc++"

My first try at installing - what am I missing?


Sorry I somehow completely missed this issue.

A couple of questions

Did you try automated setup? calabash-ios setup, Please do and report back here.

If that doesn't work, please let me know here.

Otherwise. Could you start from scratch?

  1. delete calabash.framework
  2. Setup from scratch using the manual setup section and version 0.9.108
  3. Show me the output when building.

The headers folder should only contain CalabashServer.h so that is ok. Probably the problem is a bad path to calabash.framework. Could you check that?


Closed due to inactivity.

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