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04.5 Interpolate and pan dragdrop

Karl Krukow edited this page · 2 revisions

Note: Playback/record is not supported on iOS7. Apple has removed the APIs we used for record/playback. Gestures like swipe or pinch are still supported on iOS7 but uses a different implementation (based on integrating with UI Automation).

From calabash-cucumber version 0.9.36+ we now support "interpolation" of recorded event sequences. What does this mean? Very briefly it means that you can do things like drag-drop/pan from one view to another without having to record/playback the exact event sequence. Here is that example in code:

interpolate "pan", {:start => "view marked:'A'", :end => "view marked:'B'"}

To do this you must first have recorded an event sequence: "pan". Then you can playback that gesture but transforming it into starting at the view marked 'A' and ending at the view marked 'B'.

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