Updating your run loop version

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Run-loop is the bridge between Calabash iOS and the instruments command-line tool. It also handles many of the iOS Simulator interactions.

Use bundler

Best Practice: Use Gemfile and bundler

# Update your Gemfile to the version of run-loop you want.
1. gem 'run_loop', '>= 1.5.5', '< 2.0'

# Get the latest gem versions.
2. $ bundle update

# Use the new gem.
3. $ bundle exec run-loop simctl manage-processes

Without bundler

Not using bundler and Gemfile? You should be.

$ gem update --system
$ gem uninstall -Vax --force --no-abort-on-dependent run_loop
$ gem install run_loop

Still installing gems with sudo?

If you are installing gems with sudo, you should stop. See Best Practice: Never install gems with sudo for alternatives and the dangers of sudo gem install.

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