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These are the instructions for the calabash-ios setup tool. The setup tool is out-of-date and broken for Xcode >= 6 for some Xcode projects.

  • calabash setup adds calabash.framework to Watch extension instead of the app #832
  • calabash-ios setup fails on fresh Xcode 6 or Xcode 7 project #533
  • other linker flags are not correct after calabash-ios setup #154

As you can imagine, any tool that edits an Xcode project file is difficult to maintain.

Setup: Fast Track

The fast-track instructions are EXPERIMENTAL.

If it doesn't work in your project, see one of the tutorials mentioned on the Tutorial: How to add Calabash to Xcode page.

  1. In a terminal, go to your iOS project

    • cd path-to-my-ios-project (i.e. directory containing .xcodeproj file)
  2. Install calabash-cucumber gem (this make take some time because of dependencies)

    • gem install calabash-cucumber
  3. Setup your project for Calabash-iOS.

    • calabash-ios setup Answer the questions and read the output :)
  4. Generate a skeleton features folder for your tests

    • calabash-ios gen
  5. In Xcode, build your project using the -cal scheme

    • -cal scheme
  6. Run the generated test!

    • cucumber

If all goes well, you are now ready to write your first test. Start by editing the file features/my_first.feature.

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