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Netlify Form Debugging

Try to figure out why some inputs are not received by Netlify form API

When dates are selected (by clicking buttons), values are pushed in array dateToBook in AppProvider's state.

Then, I want to render inputs by mapping ```dateToBook``and send to Netlify form API each value.

Problem :

None of those inputs appear in the netlify form submissions page.

I tried to map another array wich is not comming from the provider and that works, I can get the value in netlify submissions.

So, I tried to clone the array outter the provider but that doesn't work !...

I really think there's something about lifecycle but don't know what.

I'm struggling with that for many days ^^'

The app's code is mainly in src/pages/index.js and src/context/AppProvider.js

Here is the CodeSandbox and there the deployed Netlify URL

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