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Updated from on 2009-09-14


These people have contributed to Calagator's design and implementation:

  • Amy Farrell
  • Anselm Hook
  • Audrey Eschright
  • Ben Hengst
  • Ben Kerney
  • Bill Burcham
  • Brian Artiaco
  • Brian Felder
  • Bryan Stearns
  • Chris Faulkner
  • Craig Fisk
  • Daniel Etra
  • Don Park
  • Ed Borasky
  • Gabrielle Roth
  • Igal Koshevoy
  • Jeff Schwaber
  • Jeremy O'Leary
  • Jesse Hallett
  • Joe Cohen
  • Kevin Scaldaferri
  • Lance Albertson
  • Leif Warner
  • Mark Dilley
  • Markus Roberts
  • Michael Bunsen
  • Paige Saez
  • Reid Beels
  • Sam Keen
  • Sam Livingston-Gray
  • Scott Becker
  • Selena Deckelman
  • Simon Chiang
  • Steve Morris
  • Ted Kubaska
  • Ward Cunningham

Facilities for many code sprints were generously donated by Cubespace, "an innovative workspace community in Portland, Oregon. We provide work stations, meeting rooms, and big office amenities to people who would otherwise be working from their homes, coffee shops, or wherever they can set up their laptops or use their cell phones"

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