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Exporting Calendar Events

Calagator allows easy exporting of calendar events to Google calendar, iCalendar (.ics) file, and hCalendar markup. Viewing any event's page shows an Export box to the upper right of the screen with each option:

  • Google Calendar Automatically adds event to Google calendar for currently logged-in Google account.

  • iCalendar file Downloads an iCalendar file (has an .ics extension) to your system. This can be opened directly on many systems to add the event to your default calendar app, or manually opened inside many calendar apps, including Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, IBM Lotus Notes, Yahoo! Calendar, Mozilla Thunderbird, and many more.

  • hCalendar markup hCalendar is an open microformat for publishing events on the web. You can copy the displayed markup text into your site or application to allow for re-display or interpretation. For full documentation, please visit their page on