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Scripts to install/setup/run a lightweight HTTP sever to serve the processed static media files

./www/files/ will be presented as /files/

accessing the root directory of the web site will proxy to pylons

processmedia will place all processed files in the folder served by this service

(todo: DCHP server setup. to be in separate folder)

Local IPs (of known services) should have access to - File/Folder lists - All static files

Remote IPs should have access to - Just images and preview files - No file/folder lists - No full videos - No subtilte files

Running the server

  • make run to run the server
  • Ctrl-C to stop it

Router Setup

Netgear routers
channel 1 points to for dhcp reserved for ethernet mac address subnet mask of -

SSID: Karakara b & g no encryption primary dns:
DCHP off subnet set range dchp range to off but include 172.20.x.3 > 254
Ubuntu ethernet setup
do not automaticall connect Manual subnet gateway Require ipv4 to complete + route + use this connetion for resorces on this network only

Old satilte laptop ALLAN-SATELLITE-PRO-L300D 00:1E:33:C0:4C:D2

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