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Linux - ubuntu

git clone git://github.com/calaldees/KaraKara.git && cd KaraKara/website && make test && make run

Getting Started

Linux git clone make install make run http://localhost:6543/




  • player
    • rickroll button
    • general design
    • display event endtime (!)
    • option for high/low video res mode
  • mobile interface
    • general design
    • fix message/token layout issue (!)
    • message language
      • duplicate performer explanation
      • duplicate track explantion and exirey (!)
      • more detail in rejection messages (!)
    • responsive (tablet support)
      • Responsive layout for tablets and landscape displays for track list. (!)
    • individual devices
      • messaging - save to cookie, notifications in top tray (2)
      • disabling/rickrolling
    • admin:
      • alerts for feedback messages
      • when remove track - prompt for optional message to user (2)
      • way of recovering tracks that have been played/skipped (just in case of crash or problem)
      • rejected messages (duplicate performer limit, etc) (log 2)
      • priority token assignment (log 2)
    • search
      • search id first then tags? (if starts with any non word/diget/space character) (!)
    • settings
      • layout enhancements
  • server
    • multiple queues
      • mode (single/multi)
      • landing page selection (+new if superuser)
      • create (if superuser)(private/public queue)
      • destroy (if owning superuser)
    • per phone limit?
    • request limit of assets?
    • session_owner bound to ip address, reject if they don't match - production only setting (better than obscurning in API for cache reasons+simplicity)
    • disbale device on mac address
      • lock mac address to ip address
    • queue
      • validate + limit to badge name (!)
    • year tag and year range
    • items other than videos in queue (text annoncements, images)
    • archive songs played for reference later (log 2)
    • import
      • import new tracks without destroying whole dataset (utilise video hashs to detect renames?) (! done?)
      • pass down parent folder name to prevent need to sync folder name and json (! done?)
    • settings
      • some settings need to be renamed/grouped
      • api to return string datatype for simpler user operation
    • message system to class messages (both comunity and mobile)
  • comunity (!)
    • social login + user activation
    • tag editor (per track importing)
      • tag warning if missing list
      • video qa checked
      • known isues list, unchecked list
    • encode queue + progress feedback
    • delete/rename track
    • played tracks list (partof admin? or community?)
      • score = (times actually played * 10) + (times requested * 5) + (page views * 1)
  • admin pannel
    • log statistics to es (2)
    • provides
      • page views ranked
      • track requests
      • number played
      • user device history (could be interface with device messaging, disabling, live updating)
      • events (errors, messages)
      • device disabling
      • name devices
      • event summary (scoring system) (partof admin? or community?)
  • network
    • dchp assign lese to mac address (for reliable ip to ban)
    • dns to only return ip for server (nginx then redirect non int.karakara to int.karakara)

flash message: query session+queid 'refresh required' you're up in 'xx' min (client cookie)


  • player
    • Chrome - if you have the mouse over the video - the help text will trigger when the playstate changes. park the mouse over the body content and it will disapear when in presentation mode. (shift+cmf+f)

status_error message style dose not propergate to flash message with format='redirect'

  • flash message from queue.py error (e.g. duplicate performer) is not styled as error but looks like success. feedback error is displayed appropriately. so what gives?!

Starting the player interface directly on the 'player.html' before visiting the normal mobile view fails. This is because the access to .html does not generate a session id and admin mode cannot be aquired

Karakara Comunity

Web interface for managing a closed community to curate the track dataset

Improve dataset

  • Tagging tracks for exploration
    • Multiple titles (eng/jap names)
    • Artists + extra data (where possible)
  • Quality checking
    • Timing
    • Subtitle size/colour/readabilty
    • Video quality (working state?)
  • Upgrading quality of old source footage
  • Adding alternate versions
    • Instrumental (vocal off)
    • Long/Short versions


  • Broken