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BarCamp Canterbury is a free-to-attend un-conference where the attendees create the content and give the talks. The event is loosely based around the topic of technology. Over the years, this has been a highly successful event where impassioned members of the local community and beyond share their experiences.

BarCamps are memorable events that are heavily reported and shared by the attendees via social media. Previous events can be seen on Twitter #bccant. Read more about BarCamp Canterbury at

Sponsors help us provide:

  • Refreshments - Lunch and Supper (to keep attendees focused on the content and build a community)
  • Branding/Signage (that will be visible in photos, videos, website, stickers, coasters, lanyards)
  • Memorable gadgets/goodies (more details below)

Even if you are unable to contribute financially, providing freebies would always be appreciated by attendees.

We would be able to provide:

  • Your company logo on any BarCamp branded items
    • Our Website
    • Vinyl banners (That would be visible in each event room. Talks may be filmed with this signage present)
    • Freebies (coasters, stickers) with your company logo
    • Custom lanyard straps for all attendees with logos
  • Shout-outs on Social Media
  • Facilitate a memorable gadget/item
    • In previous years one sponsor provided branded mugs with attendee names
    • This year we are planning for every attendee to have a physical digital badge with an LCD screen, LEDs and an IR sensor for an interactive treasure hunt. Your company logo could be printed on these interactive badges
  • You could attend, talk and interact with attendees
    • We can provide table space for you to exhibit
    • Sponsors are able to give talks themselves but should keep in mind that these are community focused events

Below are some possible example levels of sponsorship:

  • £300 - Sponsor the interactive badges. Logo on all BarCamp items (lanyards, signage, website)
  • £200 - Sponsor a meal. Logo on all BarCamp items.
  • £100 - Logo on most items. Popup stall space.
  • £50 - Sponsor refreshments. Logo visible on signage for refreshments. Shout-out on social media. Sponsor of website.
  • £25 - Shout-out on social media. Sponsor of website.

We are flexible with your unique requirements.

Please let us know if you are interested in sponsoring this event.

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