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VanUnits is a sophisticated SI units system. It also includes currency units and a large set of scientific constants.


Here are some examples of using the units system.

reqiure 'van/units'

include Van::Units

1.bit/s + 8.bytes/s

Van::Units is namespace for all unit related classes. Mixing this in has the additional effect of making Units.with_unit_converter available without the Units. prefix, as well as the shortcuts for creating Units (see Van::Units#method_missing).


Also included are a large assortment of real world contants. These come in two varieties, typeless and typed via units.rb. (PLEASE NOTE: The typed variety is not yet complete).

Constants are also provided in both mks (m kg s) and in cgs (cm g s) format.

require 'van/units/constants/mks'
require 'van/units/constants/cgs'

include Van::Units::Constants

MKS::SPEED_OF_LIGHT              #=> 2.99792458e8 m/s
CGS::SPEED_OF_LIGHT              #=> 2.99792458e10 cm/s

Big thanks to Daniel Carrera and Brian Gough for their original work on Math::Constants from which these numbers derive.


  • Peter Vanbroekhoven

  • Thomas Sawyer

  • Daniel Carrera

  • Brian Gough


Copyright 2006, 2007 Peter Vanbroekhoven, Thomas Sawyer

Stick is distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

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