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Zoom Photos

Want lightbox+zoomable product photos for your Spree store's customers?
This extension might be what you're looking for. It gives lightbox and zoom functionality to your photos.

Image sizes

The lightbox uses the existing large image size of 600x600.

For the zoom, it uses a new extra large image size of 1200x1200 (see zoom_photos_extension.rb). This image size will be generated when you upload an image in Spree. To take advantage of this with existing product images you'll need to generate the extra large size. I believe paperclip has a rake task to help with regenerating images (unconfirmed).

Jquery plugins

The lightbox is done with the fancybox jquery plugin. Many thanks to the author who's name I'd love to know so I can put it here.

Demos of Fancy box (these demos are not in a Spree app).

The zoom is done with MagicZoom. If you want to use zoom you'll want to get a license from MagicToolbox and put the javascript and css files into your app, the files are not included in this extension. I looked into free zoom scripts however MagicZoom suited my needs best and was easiest to integrate. Thanks to MagicToolbox for providing a great tool.

Demos of MagicZoom (these demos are not in a Spree app).

The extension includes sample large and extra large images for the Rails Tote bag found in the spree core sample data. After loading the sample data (with rake db:sample or rake db:bootstrap) you can look at the Rails Tote bag in the shop to see how this extension works:

The extension has a blank zoomphotos-custom.css file that you may want to override in your own extension to customise the styling.

There are extension points where you can override the defaults of this extension easily. If you'd like another extension point send me a github pull request with it in.

Contributions, bug reports, feature requests welcome.

Best regards,

Eliot Sykes


  • Make javascript OO (candidate classes: ImageControls, ZoomControl, EnlargeControl)
  • Make image controls smarter - enable/disable per image, not per product. Suggest putting an available images array in javascript. Will allow removal of the ZoomPhotos::ImageControl ruby class.
  • Possibly use ImgZoom instead of FancyBox and consider making image instruction contain no links.