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Bugs Fixed:


Bugs Fixed:

  • Issue #103: Fix file references in generated iOS project
  • Issue #104: Fix Xcode 5 compilation errors for sample project


Bugs Fixed:

  • Issue #58: Sass/Scss Partials shouldn't be compiled, and sub-directories should be preserved
  • Issue #96: Android Plugin callback handle is overridden on quick successive calls to plugin
  • Issue #94: Android Plugin callback errors out if returned data is null
  • Issue #100: Avoid closing a null ProgressDialog object
  • Handle the API changes in the latest versions of xcodeproj.


New features:

  • Ability to specify js libraries that need to be loaded with js runtime running kernel code. Note: This changes the format of manifest.yml

Bugs Fixed:

  • Issue #87: Fixing Calatrava build errors by changing jasmine-node version number
  • Issue #86: Files and folders under asset folders are not copied recursively
  • Issue #84: Clean up automation tasks (a sample feature also implemented).


New features:

  • Compile Kernel/Shell coffeescript files automatically upon change, when apache is running
  • Enhance currency converter sample app to start using a remote service

Bugs Fixed:

  • Issue #54: [droid] Ajax IOExceptions aren't properly passed around
  • Issue #71: [web] Passed forward the error response in a ajax call failure
  • iOS Issue #9: Fixes a startup crash
  • Issue #75: calatrava.confirm callback argument is not defined
  • Issue #63: Update stub namespace of the calatrava brigde for template spec files
  • Issue #76: Enable render for Native Android views
  • Issue #33: 'env: node: No such file or directory" build error in xcode trying to run base project
  • Issue #83: Bundler might install multiple cocoapods version


  • Fix to add mac specific dependencies conditionally


Bugs fixed:

  • Fix for Android not compiling out of the box
  • Issue #72: Fix for cocoapods dependency issue
  • Fix for back button being broken in web apps
  • Pull in fix for calatrava-ios (request body encoding should be UTF-8)
  • Fix for bindAll not working
  • Issue #67: Make gemspec more Linux-friendly


New features:

  • All app types are now optional: disable app types with --no-web, --no-droid and --no-ios when creating your Calatrava project.
  • You can specify the Android API version when creating a project with --android-api <version>. It currently defaults to API 17.

Minor improvements:

  • The stubView for stubbing pages when testing controllers now provides more direct access to the last render view message.
  • Android dependencies are resolved during bootstrap, and then externally to the ant build to avoid CLASSPATH issues.
  • Fail the build if a CoffeeScript file fails to compile.

Bugs fixed:

  • Issue #28: Support Linux for creating projects and running the build.
  • Issue #35: Allow app specific environment keys.
  • Issue #31: Working with image assets will break the web:apache:start task. Now creates the images output directory as required.
  • Issue #26: Empty JS strings passed to JS functions are not escaped properly.
  • iOS Issue #3: Prevent app from crashing when invoking plugin callback.
  • Issue #34: [web] Custom headers are not propagated to the ajax request.
  • Issue #32: calatrava.bridge.request() seems to require an optional "body" under iOS. One of contentType or customHeaders was also required, this too has been fixed.
  • Issue #39: [ios] Network activity spinner
  • Issue #40: calatrava.bridge.request() seems to require a "failure" callback in the browser, although documented as "optional"
  • Issue #42: Fixes the MobileWeb app loading issue. Pages were hidden by default, but the show and hide implementations for the converter page were incomplete.
  • Issue #43: Close the load_file.txt reader after loading files, on Android.
  • iOS Issue #1: Don't trigger all JS file loads at the same time as this can fail to load some files in large sets.
  • iOS Issue #4: Calatrava apps should be able to open URLs using other apps on iOS.
  • Issue #25: Recreate load_file.txt during the build, if new files have been added. Also will re-copy configuration files if you change environments.


Bugs fixed:

  • Issue #22 and Issue #23: Support *.scss files as well as *.sass files.
  • Issue #24: Create the stylesheet output directories as part of the build process.
  • Issue #25: Recreate the load_file.txt when the feature manifest changes.
  • iOS was correctly dispatching timer firings back to the controller code.


  • Moving to a more recent version of the xcodeproj gem caused a conflict with Frank that needed to be resolved.


  • iOS was not correctly loading HTML UIs. Fixing this also required re-working the project creation.


  • Added plugin support
  • Added an alert plugin implementation: web/app/source/, droid/test/src/com/calatrava/bridge/ and ios/Pods/calatrava/calatrava-ios/Bridge/AlertPlugin.m.
  • Substantial re-writing of the build tasks. Should largely not be externally visible, except there are a lot less tasks now.

Bugs fixed:

  • Issue #5: Creates the droid build with default name of the project as 'test' instead of the project name
  • Issue #12: Failing AJAX - Typo in calatrava.inbound
  • Issue #13: Problem Building on Xcode (4.5.1) - Can't Find Bundler
  • Issue #14: Cosmetic: ios/public misplaced during calatrava create
  • Issue #15: Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'success'

Changes that will affect existing projects:

  • Edited httpd conf template: config/templates/httpd.conf.erb
  • Edited the single page Haml template: web/app/views/index.haml


  • First public release