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Bridge API

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Bridge API

The API provided by Calatrava to the kernel of your app is actually quite small.

  • calatrava.bridge.changePage(<target>): Changes the current page to the page named target.

  • calatrava.bridge.openUrl(<url>): Open the given URL in a new web browser, however makes the most sense for the native platform.

  • calatrava.bridge.log(<message>): Log the given message for debugging purposes.

  • calatrava.bridge.request(<options>): Issue an AJAX request. options is an object that can contain the following keys.

    • url: The URL to issue the request to.
    • method: The HTTP method to use.
    • body: The body to include with the request. Optional.
    • success: A callback to invoke on success.
    • failure: A callback to invoke if the request fails. Optional.
    • contentType: The Content-Type header to use. Optional.
    • customHeaders: A hash of additional custom headers to attach to the request. Optional.
  • calatrava.bridge.pages.pageNamed(<pageName>): Returns the page reference for the named page.

  • calatrava.bridge.timers.start(<timeout>, <callback>): Start a timer to fire after the timeout, given in seconds. When the timeout expires, the callback is called. Returns a timer handle.

  •<pluginName>, <method>, <args>): Calls a previously registered plugin named <pluginName>. Execute the <method>, with <args>. Exactly what the method means, and if one is even used is up to the plugin to define. This will forward on to the native implementation of your plugin.

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