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Alternative CLI for Engine Yard Cloud
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An alternative command line interface for Engine Yard Cloud.

Still in early development.


gem install ey_cli


ey_cli command [args]

More information available about the available commands if you run:

ey_cli help


  • How to create a new application:
ey_cli create_app

That's all that you need if you're under the application directory and this already is in a git repository. It also runs a first deploy for free.

  • How to perform a new deploy:
ey_cli deploy

That's all, if the CLI doesn't know what you want to deploy it politely asks you.

Avaliable commands

  General info
    accounts                     List the accounts associated to a user.
    console                      Start an interactive session to use ey_cli.
    help                         Show commands information.

    apps                         List the applications associated to a user.
    create_app                   Create a new application. It takes the information from the current directory.
    show                         Show information and status of an application.

    create_env                   Create a new environment for an application.
    deploy                       Run a deploy for an application.


engineyard gem is strongly coupled to Thor, and I don't like the conventions that you have to assume because of this coupling.

engineyarg gem connects to your boxes directly to perform tasks. I prefer to connect to the available APIs and have a unique entry point.

Is this a replacement for engineyard gem, then? No, for now it's just an experiment and only implements a few number of commands.

Development notes

Check the opened issues if you want to help and don't know where to start from.

Run this command to execute the tests:

bundle rake

Any pull request and contribution is really appreciated.

Notes about the structure:

How this library is structured:


What the user executes. Each one can provide its own command line parser to accept further options but one is provided by default.


Code and stuff. Show messages, decide what to do...


Connect to the api. Abstraction over the json responses.


Copyright (c) 2011 David Calavera. See LICENSE for details.

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