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Use jsvc to run a jruby app as an init.d style daemon
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Run your jruby application as a unix daemon, taking advantage of the features you get in jsvc -

JSVC is the best way to run a java program (and hence jruby) as an init.d style daemon. Unfortunately, you can't fork in jruby like you would with MRI-ruby because the vm doesn't survive being forked (lots of important threads die).

Using jsvc lets you can bring up your application in the foreground, check your db connection, ping a mail server or whatever your application needs to survive, possibly setuid (change user - jsvc options), before backgrounding it.

How to create a jruby-jsvc daemon

  1. Install jsvc-jruby. Check out from source, then run mvn package. For development purposes, you probably just want to copy bin/ & jruby-jsvc.jar in to you project directory. I'll leave it to you to decide how you want to distribute to your server (Debian packaging should be coming soon).
  2. Take a look at example/lib/crazy_daemon.rb - you need to create a Daemon singleton module underneath your application's namespace, something like Crazy::Daemon. This should have a setup?, start and stop method. setup? should return true, and is basically a detection method to check that the daemon was defined and was able to bring up whatever resources it needed to be daemonic. start is called once the daemon has been backgrounded and is your signal to start accepting connections or chomping strings or whatever your application does.
  3. Create a boot-up script. This should require your daemon module and initialize your application so that it is ready to start serving once Daemon.start is called. There are a couple of examples in example/bin - one which succeeds, the other fails using the DaemonInitException.
  4. Create an init.d script that invokes jsvc-wrapper.bin (or a copy of it). You'll need to set a few environment variables, and possibly tweak a bit. For development, you can call directly to test running your app as a daemon - Just invoke it from your applications root directory, with something like (works for the example application):

    JRUBY_JSVC_JAR=../target/jsvc-0.1.0.jar JRUBY_DAEMON_DEV=true MODULE_NAME=Crazy SCRIPT_NAME=daemon.rb ../bin/ start

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