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Cloud nodes deployment using Bittorrent, Capistrano and Libvirt

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Large scale cloud nodes distribution and deployment using Bittorrent, Capistrano and Libvirt.

The naked jungle

How it works

Marabunta relies on Murder,, to distribute the virtual disks to the cloud nodes and uses the Libvirt api via Virtuoso to deploy and start the images once they are in the target machines.

Currently Marabunta supports deployments on Kvm and Virtualbox but it can support as many hypervisors as Libvirt supports.


There are some deployment configuration templates into the directory examples.


  $ gem install marabunta


Run it from the command line with the operation to execute. By default it takes the configuration file Leiningen if it exists into the directory:

  $ marabunta setup
  $ marabunta deploy

Another configuration file can also be specified as a command argument:

  $ marabunta setup config_file
  $ marabunta deploy config_file


Copyright (c) 2011 David See LICENSE for details.

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