How does Calculoid work?

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Calculoid consist of 3 separated parts at this moment.

  1. Calculoid API
  2. Calculoid web application at
  3. Calculoid Embed application

1. Calculoid API

Calculoid API is our private webserver serving data about calculators in JSON format. It uses PHP as programming language and Joomla Framework as set of PHP classes helping developer to develop faster, more secure and shortly quality software.

2. is plain static JavaScript web application which uses AngularJS framework to run. It is heavy weight application compared to embed app which main goal is to be public library for calculators and powerful calculator editor.

When the Calculoid JavaScript is loaded, it starts to asynchronously communicate with Calculoid API server and loads the data about calculator which the JavaScript then renders.

As you can see, the is served directly from GitHub Pages which is very fast CDN hosting for static web pages.

As CSS framework, it uses Twiiter Boostrap so the styling is faster and audience is used to it's look and behavior.

3. Calculoid Embed

Calculoid embed is also plain static JavaScript which uses Angular framework as it's engine, but unlike app, it is much more light weight.

When you embed a calculator to your website, this Embed app is loaded and it displays the calculator.

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