A Time Picker data source for WatchKit that mirrors the behavior of UIDatePicker
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WatchKitTimePicker is a time picker data source for WatchKit that...

  • Mirrors the behavior of UIKit's UIDatePicker
  • Automatically uses either 12-hour or 24-hour time, depending on the user's current Locale.
  • Supports watchOS 2.0+



Manual Installation:

WatchKitTimePicker is just one individual .swift file: TimePickerDataSource.swift. You could install it quickly by downloading that file and dragging it in to your Watch App Extension target.


Add github "calda/WatchKitTimePicker" to your Cartfile.


Unlike with iOS view-layer libraries, you can't just distribute and use a UIView or WKInterfaceObject subclass. Interface elements have to be set up using Interface Builder.

WatchKitTimePicker is a data source that controls and manages a group of WKInterfacePicker objects.

Interface Builder:

  • Create a horizontal WKInterfaceGroup.
  • Add three WKInterfacePicker objects to the group.
  • Connect and @IBOutlet and an @IBAction for each of the pickers.

Your WKInterfaceController subclass:

import WatchKit
import Foundation
import WatchKitTimePicker

class InterfaceController: WKInterfaceController {

    var timePickerDataSource: TimePickerDataSource!
    @IBOutlet weak var hourTimePicker: WKInterfacePicker!
    @IBOutlet weak var minuteTimePicker: WKInterfacePicker!
    @IBOutlet weak var amPmTimePicker: WKInterfacePicker!
    override func awake(withContext context: Any?) {
        timePickerDataSource = TimePickerDataSource(
            hoursPicker: hourTimePicker,
            minutesPicker: minuteTimePicker,
            amPmPicker: amPmTimePicker)
        timePickerDataSource.selectedTimeDidUpdate = { selectedTime in
            // ...
        timePickerDataSource.setup(withInitiallySelectedDate: Date())
    @IBAction func hourPickerDidUpdate(_ index: Int) {
        timePickerDataSource.hourPickerUpdated(to: index)
    @IBAction func minutePickerDidUpdate(_ index: Int) {
        timePickerDataSource.minutePickerUpdated(to: index)
    @IBAction func amPmPickerDidUpdate(_ index: Int) {
        timePickerDataSource.amPmPickerUpdated(to: index)