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Step 1

Place login-caldera.php into plugin directory.

Step 2

Add these lines into the configuration of wp-oauth.php:

	'wpoa_caldera_api_enabled' => 0,								// 0, 1
	'wpoa_caldera_api_id' => '',									// any string
	'wpoa_caldera_api_secret' => '',								// any string

Step 3

Place this snippet in wp-oauth-settings.php:

		<!-- START Login with Caldera section -->
		<div id="wpoa-settings-section-login-with-caldera" class="wpoa-settings-section">
		<h3>Login with Caldera</h3>
		<div class='form-padding'>
		<table class='form-table'>
			<tr valign='top'>
			<th scope='row'>Enabled:</th>
				<input type='checkbox' name='wpoa_caldera_api_enabled' value='1' <?php checked(get_option('wpoa_caldera_api_enabled') == 1); ?> />
			<tr valign='top'>
			<th scope='row'>App ID:</th>
				<input type='text' name='wpoa_caldera_api_id' value='<?php echo get_option('wpoa_caldera_api_id'); ?>' />
			<tr valign='top'>
			<th scope='row'>App Secret:</th>
				<input type='text' name='wpoa_caldera_api_secret' value='<?php echo get_option('wpoa_caldera_api_secret'); ?>' />
		</table> <!-- .form-table -->
		<?php submit_button('Save all settings'); ?>
		</div> <!-- .form-padding -->
		</div> <!-- .wpoa-settings-section -->
		<!-- END Login with Caldera section -->

Step 4

Open wp-oauth.php and insert around line 710:

	$html .= $this->wpoa_login_button("caldera", "Caldera", $atts);