Repository dedicated for the project LoadSensing. This project is part of the work to be done for the final project of the Master in Open Source Software from the Universidad Oberta de Cataluña.
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************** READ ME ******************

DATE: 29/12/2011
DEVELOPERS: Rubén Méndez and Jesús Sánchez-Migallón
File Version: 1.0

LoadSensing v1.1

LoadSensing is a prototype application developed as part of the Final Proyect for the studies carried on by the students stated above. This proyect is framed within the Master Studies in Open Source Software from the Universidad Oberta de Catalunya and in cooperation with the company WorldSensing S.L.

This Android application aims to provide a tool to display and monitorize the state os the sensor networks belonging to WorldSensing and their sensors.
The current status of the application is far from being completed but it can perfectly serve as a proof-of-concept of all the knowledge and experience adquired by the developers.
As far as possible the people involve in this proyect will try to keep on with its development. This will depend on the free time the developers could find and the resources WorldSensing could provide for the acomplishment of the proyect.

This application can be deployed in every Android device which have a camara, a GPS and an Internet connection.

First get your machine ready for Android application development. You can find concese intructions here:
Then, download the latest revision of the repository and import the proyect to your Eclipse workspace.

- Login of users into the platform
- It is possible to see al the networks and their sensors available in a map.
- It is shown detailed information about the state of the networks and their sensors.
- It is also shown graphs regarding the state of the networks and their sensors.
- It is possible to get information about devices through QRCode scaning.
- It is possible to take and to get pictures of the situation of the devices in the field.

- There are no bugs reported yet.

KNOWN ISSUES (that will be addressed in a future release)
- Get real data from the API, if WorldSensing has enough resources for that.

Rubén Méndez:
Jesús Sánchez-Migallón: