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# Copyright (c) 2008 David Caldwell, All Rights Reserved. -*- makefile -*-
# You *must* define TARGETS in your makefile before including this. It
# should contain the list of executables that need to be linked.
# "make V=1" to see the make commands.
Q=$(if $V,,@)
ifeq ($V,)
%.o: override CC=$(Q)printf "%15s %s\n" "Compiling" $<; $(_CC)
%.o: override CXX=$(Q)printf "%15s %s\n" "Compiling" $<; $(_CXX)
%.o: override FC=$(Q)printf "%15s %s\n" "Compiling" $<; $(_FC)
%.o: override AS=$(Q)printf "%15s %s\n" "Assembling" $<; $(_AS)
%.a: override AR=$(Q)printf "%15s %s\n" "Archiving" $@; $(_AR)
$(TARGETS):override CC=$(Q)printf "%15s %s\n" "Linking" $(@); $(_CC)
$(TARGETS):override CXX=$(Q)printf "%15s %s\n" "Linking" $(@); $(_CXX)