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Vanilla jsConnect Auto SignIn


Forces sign in with the first available provider

Change Log

v.1.1b:Sun Apr 15 13:16:23 BST 2012

  • make mobile friendly
  • config options HideConnectButton & HideSignIn

v.1.3b: Fri Mar 15 21:15:24 GMT 2013

  • jsconnectAuto.js form fix
  • guest module-less friendly

v.1.4b: Mon Mar 18 11:11:16 GMT 2013

  • corrections on v.1.3b

v.1.5b: Thu Jul 11 17:59:41 BST 2013

  • more direct, forgiving, faster connect

v.1.6b: Mon Aug 12 09:27:23 BST 2013

  • Target redirect

v.1.7b: Mon Aug 26 18:39:56 BST 2013

  • prevent from loading in 'entry/connect/jsconnect'

v.1.8b: Fri Dec 27 12:39:22 GMT 2013

  • locale, compatibility

Tested on

2.0.18, 2.1b2


Special thanks to KyleIrving ( for making this happen.

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