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Manipulate RT-11 Filesystems on disk images.

This is a CLI app designed to move files on and off of RT-11 filesystems. It can read and write IMD image files and flat binary image files (often just called ".img").

It currently supports RX-01 images and flat hard disk images over 1MB.

Find the latest version at


pdpfs -h
pdpfs [-h] -i <image> ls [-l] [-a]
pdpfs [-h] -i <image> cp <source-file> <dest-file>
pdpfs [-h] -i <image> mv [-f] <source-file> <dest-file>
pdpfs [-h] -i <image> rm <file>
pdpfs [-h] -i <image> mkfs <device-type> <filesystem>
pdpfs [-h] -i <image> dump [--sector]
pdpfs [-h] -i <image> dump-home
pdpfs [-h] -i <image> dump-dir
pdpfs [-h] -i <image> convert <image-type> <dest-file>


-h --help              Show this screen.
-i --image <image>     Use <image> as the disk image.


ls [-l] [-a]

-a --all              List all entries, not just 'permanents'
-l --long             Give a more detailed output. All directory entry fields in
                      the filesystem are printed and not just the most useful.

List files in the image.

cp <source-file> <dest-file>

<source-file> and <dest-file> specify local (host) filesystem paths if they contain a / character. Otherwise they specify files on the image. The filenames will be converted to uppercase for convenience (but they will not be truncated or stripped of other invalid characters). A plain . in the <dest-file> means the same name as the <source-file>, but inside the image (use ./ for the local filesystem).


# These both copy 'file.txt' from the local machine into disk image (as FILE.TXT):
pdpfs -i my_image.img cp ./file.txt file.txt
pdpfs -i my_image.img cp ./file.txt .

# This copies 'FILE.TXT' from the disk image into /tmp/FILE.TXT on the local machine:
pdpfs -i my_image.img cp FILE.TXT /tmp

# This copies 'FILE.TXT' from the image into './file.txt' on the local machine:
pdpfs -i my_image.img cp file.txt ./

mv [-f] <source-file> <dest-file>

-f --force            Overwrite destination file if it exists.

Move (rename) files on the image. <source-file> and <dest-file> specify files on the image.

If <dest-file> already exists on the image an error will be indicated, unless the --force option is used.

rm <file>

<file> will be deleted from the image.

dump [--sector]

-s --sector            Dump by blocks instead of sectors

Print a hex dump of the logical blocks of the image, de-interleaving floppy images.


Print a debug dump of the fields of the home block.


Print a debug dump of the fields of the directory segments.

mkfs <device-type> <filesystem>

Initializes a new image. The <image> file specified by -i will be created and must not already exist.

<device-type> must be: rx01

<filesystem> must be one of: rt11, xxdp

convert <image-type> <dest-file>

Convert the image to a different image file type.

<image-type> must be one of: img, imd


List the contents of an image:

$ pdpfs -i RT11RX01.IMD ls
Warning: Bad checksum: computed (9f88) != on disk (0000)
1988-03-07   0:0       80 RT11SJ.SYS
1987-09-02   0:0       27 SWAP.SYS
1988-03-07   0:0        2 TT.SYS
1988-03-07   0:0        8 DU.SYS
1988-03-07   0:0        5 DD.SYS
1988-03-07   0:0        4 DX.SYS
1984-09-05   0:0        4 DY.SYS
1988-03-07   0:0        5 LS.SYS
1987-09-02   0:0       30 PIP.SAV
1987-09-02   0:0       49 DUP.SAV
1987-09-02   0:0       19 DIR.SAV
1987-09-02   0:0       58 KED.SAV
1987-09-02   0:0       25 RESORC.SAV
1987-09-02   0:0       17 SL.SYS
1987-09-02   0:0       58 IND.SAV
1985-07-16   0:0        1 STARTS.COM

Used   392 blocks  200704 bytes  80%
Free    94 blocks   48128 bytes  19%
Total  486 blocks  248832 bytes

Delete a file from the image:

pdpfs -i RT11RX01.IMD rm SWAP.SYS

Copy a file to the local computer (the file with a / in the name will be interpreted as the local computer).:

pdpfs -i RT11RX01.IMD cp ./STARTS.COM .

Copy a file to the image from the local computer:

pdpfs -i RT11RX01.IMD cp STARTS.COM ./

Rename a file on the image:

pdpfs -i RT11RX01.IMD mv STARTS.COM starts.bak

Initialize a new blank image (it uses the image extension to figure out the image format):

pdpfs -i new_image.img init rx01

Or, to create a new IMD image:

pdpfs -i new_image.imd init rx01

Convert an existing image from IMD to IMG format:

pdpfs -i original.imd convert img new-image.rx01

Convert an existing image from IMG to IMD format:

pdpfs -i original.img convert imd new-image.imd


pdpfs is written in Rust, so you will need the Rust compiler to be installed in order to build it.

To build it:

cargo build

To run the automated tests:

cargo test


Copyright © 2022 David Caldwell

TLDR: GPLv3. You can redistribute the .exe (or a modified version) as long as you ship the source code used to build it alongside.

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see