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Recreation of Armada builder with React
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Muster the Fleet

A fullstack, MongoDB, Express, React, and NodeJS stack application for building a fleet to play Star Wars: Armada

Getting Started

  • Navigate to the directory you want the entire project, and run git status to see if there is a repository present
  • Navigate to the project, cd armada-builder-react, then into the server directory, cd server/
  • Run npm install to install all of the dependancies for server side of the project
  • Upon completion, navigate to the client/ directory, cd client/
  • Once more, run npm install to install the client side dependancies
  • Finally, from the server/ directory, run npm run dev to start both the client and server, simultaneously


If you'd like to contribute to this project, follow the below steps.

  • Fork this repository
  • Follow the above steps, subtituting the git clone URL for your own, found by clicking the green button that says "clone or download"
  • From within your forked clone, run git checkout -b <newBranchName>
  • Make your changes / additions and push to your forked repository's new branch, git push origin <newBranchName>
  • Submit a Pull Request, comparing the original master branch as the base, to your forked <newBranchName> as the comparing source


This web application uses React, Redux to render the client side content. It is driven by a NodeJS RESTful API to send data from a MongoDB database.

Case Study

This project came to be as a learning tool. It was originally written using jQuery -> here. As skills increased, the application was eventually transfered to React. The secondary purpose of this project is that one does not exist for free. Even though Lucasfilm™ owns Star Wars™, there was still a paywall to use an existing 3rd party, data persistent fleetbuilder.

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