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config files for zsh, completions, gem, git, irb, rails
Emacs Lisp Shell VimL CoffeeScript Ruby CSS
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atom allow visual-block mode keys
emacs.d update prelude
hooks WIP: Emacs
tmuxinator add tmuxinator rails template
vim make dot files work with thoughtbot's rcm
zprezto use the boot2docker docker machien again
zsh remove execute from b2d
.gitignore updates
.gitmodules add oh-my-zsh
Brewfile retro-gruvbox -> gruvbox
Gemfile make dot files work with thoughtbot's rcm
Gemfile.lock make dot files work with thoughtbot's rcm
LICENSE adding license file update the read me
Rakefile stop ignoring vendor
agignore add agignore
ctags add ctags settings for go
gemrc update the gem source to
gitconfig stuff
gitconfig.local.mustache make dot files work with thoughtbot's rcm
gitignore renaming rake task cache file to something more conventional and igno…
gitmessage add an extra line at the end of the commit message
gvimrc stuff
irbrc remove executable bit
psqlrc add psqlrc and Brewfile
railsrc adding irbrc and railsrc
tm_properties add tm_properties
tmux.conf set the pane base index to 1
vimrc updates
vimrc.bundles updates
zlogin WIP: move to prezto
zlogout WIP: move to prezto
zpreztorc Add the thefuck library
zprofile WIP: move to prezto
zshenv Make the escape key work in daemon mode in terminal
zshrc only include rc.d subscripts if rc.d/ exists

Caleb's Dot Files

These are config files to set up a system the way I like it. It includes prezto and some stuff from thoughtbot's dotfiles project


brew tap thoughtbot/rcm
brew install rcm

git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles
bundle install --path=vendor/bundle
bundle exec rake setup

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