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An Alfred workflow for looking up people in Planning Center


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Planning Center for Alfred

Copyright 2021-2023 Caleb Evans
Released under the MIT license

Planning Center for Alfred is an Alfred 5 workflow designed to help churches with various Planning Center functions, like searching for people.


To download the workflow, simply click the download link below.

Download Planning Center for Alfred

Command Line Tools

If you are installing the workflow for the first time, you may be prompted to install Apple's Command Line Tools. These developer tools are required for the workflow to function, and fortunately, they have a much smaller size footprint than full-blown Xcode.

Prompt to install Apple's Command Line Tools

Connecting to your Planning Center account

1. Generate Personal Access Token

  1. Visit (log in if prompted)
  2. Scroll down the page to the Personal Access Tokens section
  3. Click the Create one now button
  4. Copy the Application ID and Secret; save them to a safe place

Do not share the Application ID and Secret with anyone. Together, they grant access to your entire Planning Center account, so they should be handled with great care.

Create one now Copy ID and Secret

2. Enter ID and Secret into workflow

When you first import the workflow into Alfred (download here), you'll have the opportunity to paste the ID and Secret generated from the previous step.

Workflow configuration


Search for people

To search for people, use the pcp command. You can search by name, phone number, or email address.


  • pcp caleb
  • pcp
  • pcp 123-456-7890

Copy to clipboard

When searching for people via the pcp command, holding down the command key while choosing a result will copy the person's phone number to the clipboard. Similarly, holding down the option key while choosing a result will copy the person's email address.