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import os
import datetime
from fabric.api import put, task, local, run, cd, env
if 'CALEBCC_DEPLOY_HOST' in os.environ:
env.hosts = [os.environ['CALEBCC_DEPLOY_HOST']]
if 'CALEBBC_SSH_KEY_FILE' in os.environ:
env.key_filename = os.environ['CALEBBC_SSH_KEY_FILE']
remote_dir = '~/webapps/calebcc_bottle'
remote_static_dir = '~/webapps/calebcc_static'
repo_url = ''
def init_env():
with cd(remote_dir):
run('mkdir cache')
run('mkdir versions')
run('git clone %s cache/calebcc_site' % repo_url)
def update_cache():
with cd(os.path.join(remote_dir, 'cache/calebcc_site')):
run('git pull -u')
def prepare(version=None, version_timestamp=None):
if not version_timestamp:
version_timestamp ='%s')
# copy the source code
with cd(os.path.join(remote_dir, 'versions')):
run('git clone %s %s' % (os.path.join(remote_dir, 'cache/calebcc_site'), version_timestamp))
# create the version file
version_tmp_file = '/tmp/' % version_timestamp
fd = open(version_tmp_file, 'w+')
fd.write('DEPLOY_VERSION = "%s"\n' % version_timestamp)
put(version_tmp_file, os.path.join(remote_dir, 'versions', version_timestamp, 'calebcc', ''))
local('rm %s' % version_tmp_file)
with cd(os.path.join(remote_dir, 'versions', version_timestamp)):
run('virtualenv --python=python2.7 --distribute --no-site-packages env')
run('pip install -E env -r requirements.txt')
run('env/bin/python -m compileall -q .')
run('ln -sfn %s %s' % (os.path.join(remote_dir, 'versions', version_timestamp, 'calebcc', 'static'), os.path.join(remote_static_dir, version_timestamp)))
run('ln -sfn %s %s' % (os.path.join(remote_dir, 'site_data/media'), os.path.join(remote_static_dir, 'media')))
def apache_restart():
with cd(os.path.join(remote_dir)):
def clean_old_releases():
with cd(os.path.join(remote_dir, 'versions')):
run('ls -1td * | tail -n +6 | xargs rm -r')
with cd(os.path.join(remote_static_dir)):
run('ls -1td * | tail -n +6 | xargs rm -r')
def deploy(version=None):
version_timestamp ='%s')
# move the symlink
with cd(os.path.join(remote_dir)):
run('ln -sfn %s project' % os.path.join(remote_dir, 'versions', version_timestamp))