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feat(Array methods, React-style functions): Added Array methods using…

… the fragment method, dynamic re-rendering of nested components and React-style function bindings
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@@ -68,10 +68,10 @@ Now when an instance of `my-el` is inserted into the DOM, the `render` method wi

## Event bindings

Templiteral provides Angular-style event bindings using the `(<eventName>)="this.eventHandler(...args)"` syntax.
Templiteral provides Angular-style event bindings using the `(<eventName>)="${this.eventHandler}"` syntax.

<button (click)="this.logClickEvent(event)">Log a message</button>
<button (click)="${this.logClickEvent}">Log a message</button>

This would call the component's `logClickEvent` with the event object as the argument. As you might expect, you can also pass object properties or other arguments in the function invocation as well.
@@ -141,7 +141,26 @@ and in your component file:
this.username = this.refs.username.value;

## Repeat directive
### Array templates

Loops are created using the built-in `Array` prototype methods and the use of the `fragment` function. `fragment` takes in a unique key for each element in the array. Normally, the item's index should suffice, but in cases where there will be significant re-rendering, something else might be necessary.

${this.todos = todo => this.fragment(todo)`
<input type="checkbox" (change)="${this.done}">

The fragment's `this` methods will still be referenced to the containing component.

## Repeat directive (deprecated)

Need to use the same template on multiple items? You can use the `<t-repeat>` element to loop over data:

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