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CodeWich is a web app you can use to write small, self-contained snippets of TypeScript/JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, and to preview a simple page that combines them. The preview updates live as you type. It's similar to JSFiddle, JSBin, CodePen, and others.

This is not an official Google product.


  • Native support for TypeScript, including error highlighting and autocompletion.
  • Your code is automatically run as you type.
  • Code snippets you write are automatically saved in a compressed form in the URL. This has a few benefits:
    • Your code never leaves your machine unless you decide to share your URL. Since the snippet is stored in the URL fragment (the part after the #), the CodeWich web server doesn't even log your code snippets.
    • You don't have to rely on CodeWich's availability. You can download your own copy and run it locally, or host it somewhere you control, and you'll always be able to decode your CodeWich URLs to get the original code.


CodeWich uses

  • Pako for compression
  • Monaco Editor for the editor (as well as error highlighting, autocompletion, and TypeScript transpilation).
  • Loop Protect from JSBin to prevent accidental infinite for/while loops from breaking your tab.
  • Firebase for static hosting



Running locally

./ dev
./node_modules/.bin/live-server build/dev


tsc --watch &


./ prod
./node_modules/.bin/firebase deploy